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Merchandising your home decor store for the holidays is a big job. Customers expect to see more, more, more! More selection, more color and more sparkle! Here are some ideas to give your store a shot of modern holiday glamour:

1. Suspend HOLIDAY ORNAMENTS around a light to create a dramatic chandelier.

2. Use fresh evergreen branches in VASES to bring your displays alive and give your store a festive aroma… plus they’re free if you have a fir tree in your garden!

3. Spray paint BOTANICALS in golds, silvers and coppers to create modern and festive accents.

4. Layer TABLES to create more display space. Holiday shoppers expect to see more selection than during the rest of the year!

5. COLOR BLOCK products to create order from chaos. Your shoppers will linger longer if they can find what they are looking for.

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