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The scalloped edge and hand-carved texture of the ALPO vase is reminiscent of a snowy mountain range. The ARBO vase collection features a subtle ombre effect and a horizontal ridged texture. Both of these stunning vase collections are made of mango wood which is a fast-growing sustainable material.

The SUBMERGE cushions are printed from the painting series of the same name conceptualized exclusively for 18KARAT by Zoe Garred. Like looking at clouds, layers of inkblots reveal other worlds filled with jewel toned landscapes.
The RIVUM vase collection comes alive when backlit. A swirling texture within the glass is revealed like a torrenting glacial river.

ARGEA precious metallic coated glasses are foodsafe to use for drinking but are also spectacular as shimmering votives.
AURUM These glass vases are exquisitely accented with a gold glaze.
The top is hand chiseled to produce a faceted texture that catches the light like a jewel.
FERRO iron vases are available in zinc and antique brass finishes. They are handmade making each one a little bit different.

The LICHEN ceramic box and vase collection features an unusual glaze texture reminiscent of lichen on a tree.
The texture of the OBSIDIA decorative vases resembles glossy black Obsidian stones.
The reactive glazes of the KORROS ceramic collection gives them the texture of stone that has eroded over many centuries. The process of using a reactive glaze makes each piece unique.

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